Young family thrives with support from home visits

Tianna first learned about Family Resource Center St. Croix Valley as a high school student when she was pregnant with her daughter Avalynn. She attended group classes and received home visits, and said she learned helpful information about regarding the ‘Baby Blues’, infant sleep and crying, and generally what to expect with the birth of her first child.

“Everything was new to us and I thought there was no way we could do it,” said Tianna, “but looking back I could never imagine not having her in our lives.”

As Avalynn approaches her second birthday, the family continues with visits and is on a path for a successful future. Both mom and dad have steady employment and they have secured stable housing. Tianna is preparing to get her driver’s license and graduate high school in the spring, and is looking ahead to her options for college.

When asked about her daughter, Tianna said Avalynn enjoys books, currently preferring to ‘read’ on her own, and loves to sing and play outside. Tianna credits home visiting with her understanding of Ava’s developmental milestones. “I would never know what she was supposed to be doing if it weren’t for home visits,” she said.

Parent educator Robbyn Bowman praised Tianna’s confidence in parenting, saying, “I have never seen a mom reason with a toddler quite the way she does.” Tianna’s reply was simple and matter-of-fact, stating, “I believe kids understand everything you say.”

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